Experience: SilverKris Lounge at NAIA, Manila - Singapore SQ917 Flight

Manila, Philippines
April 14 - 2017

ROUTE:                     Manila - Singapore / SQ 917
AIRLINE:                   SQ / Singapore Airlines
AIRCRAFT:               BOEING 777 - 300
FLIGHT TIME:           3 hours and 15 minutes


Now, I’ve only been to one other lounge at NAIA, and that was Cathay Pacific.  Therefore, the only natural thing to do was to compare it with the SilverKris.

Both lounges looked roughly the same size, and where SilverKris offered more of a buffet spread, Cathay had its noodle bar.  Sadly, The SilverKris Lounge did not have a bar, unlike Cathay.  But what they did have, were Audemars Piguet clocks.  Posh much?  This is signature in all SilverKris Lounges, as I discovered later.

I had the lounge pretty much to myself when I arrived. Possibly due to my flight time being late afternoon.  It was so quiet that the kitchen staff felt obligated to carry my plates from the buffet to my seating  table, which was a little awkward.  But nonetheless, still very nice of them.

The SilverKris Lounge is located in Terminal 3, on level 4 at NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport).  For the size of the lounge, it does its job very well. There are plenty of leather seats and power outlets for you to work and juice up your electronic devices.  All while enjoying something to nibble on from the buffet (get your minds out of the gutter).

The SilverKris Lounge buffet consists of local Filipino dishes (Sisig, and adobo to name a few), Western (sandwiches, salad bar, grilled chicken), and of course Singaporean (laksa bowls).  If you have a sweet tooth, they do have a nice little selection of cakes and pastries.  Not to forget, the hot and cold beverages.  What they were lacking (much to some people’s disappointment) was a full service bar.  Instead there was a small section for wine, where you served yourself. But you are out of luck, if you were after some champagne or more of the hard stuff, perhaps.

RATING (OUT OF 5): 4.5

If I could change one thing about this flight, it would be to make it longer.  I never thought I would ever say that.  But this was just too good not to extend.  Three hours and fifteen minutes was just too short to spend sampling their three course menu and of course, having a lie on their famous flatbed.

The flight itself was nothing short of excellent, as I had imagined. Punctual, and sadly a little short.  I was pleasantly escorted to my seat and the I heard the delightful words from the Flight Attendant – “Would you like a pre flight champagne or beverage, Ms. Solis.” Best words ever! This was where my experience began.

I was quite lucky that this flight was not full.  Although, not that it would really matter flying in business, based on the seating.  Check my photos above for the configuration.  You have all the privacy that you need.  You can also bet that I tried the flatbed out too.  But only for the duration of the movie, after my three - course lunch.
RATING (OUT OF 5): 4.5

We were served a late lunch, less than an hour into the flight. My stomach started rumbling the minute the lovely flight attendant placed a white tablecloth on my tray table.  I could certainly get used to this.

Business Class Appetiser was the Smoked Duck Breast. We could choose out Main Course and Dessert, and I decided on the Moroccan Spiced Chicken for the Main Course, and the Chocolate Brownie.

Now, I wasn’t thrilled with the Smoked Duck Breast.  But that is just personal taste.  Maybe because I like my duck either roasted or shredded in a pancake.  But this one was cold, in a salad.  The Moroccan Spiced Chicken (and note that I cannot even type it without salivating) was absolutely delicious!  Just the right amount of spice and consistency was perfect. It was just enough to make you want that little bit more.

As for the Chocolate Brownie, I could not fault it in any way. It was not warm, but did have a luxurious coffee sauce on top. What would have tipped it way over the scale would have been vanilla ice cream.  Kill me!

Before I end my dining experience, I cannot forget to put a good word in for the coffee.  I ordered an Illy cappuccino, and it was better than most I have had in reputable coffee shops on the ground.  Perfect dollop of froth too.    
They offer an impressive selection of wines, cocktails and mocktails on board.  With three wine connoisseurs, they won the award for “Best Cellar in the Sky” in 2015, as well as the “Best Business Class Sparkling Wine.”  No surprise really. I opted for the champagne shortly after boarding but no wine with my meal.


Not too much to say about the service except that it was nothing short of exceptional. It was a failry short flight, and not all seats were occupied. I really did appreciate the human element that I noticed from the FA’s. So they were not just walking with smiles on their faces. Very efficient too.  Oh, and no delays whatsoever on this flight.  Service was prompt and courteous, and I was assisted when I was trying to figure out how to fold the flatbed down.  Had it been a longer flight, I probably would have more things to say.  Still fantastic, nonetheless.

The large tv screen comes with a remote control located in the side armrest of your seat. Many Hollywood, and International movies and tv shows were offered. No shortage there.  Along with many tv show favorites.  The flight allowed me to watch one movie – Bridget Jones.  Which I laughed out loud all the way through!
Wifi was also available at a fee.  This would be better suited for the long haul flights, when you can purchase it for the duration of your flight, opposed to by the hour.


-Seat configuration on the 777 gives you plenty of privacy.

-The vast array of power outlets to charge your electronic devices (See photo above).  You will never be powerless!

-If you are a wine enthusiast, they do offer an amazing selection of wines on board.

-The hospitality, which they are well known for.

-The wide seats.  I could fit two of me on the seat.  


-You have to get up and pull the top part of the bed down if you want to lie on it flat.  Personal preference again though.  These are not reclining seats.  This confused me in the beginning of the flight. So it does involve you having to get up and pulling the back of the seat down.  Definitely not a nuisance to me.  But to some it may be.

-If you want to sleep, you will have to lie down with your legs at an angle.  There is not enough room to lie down with your legs lined in front of the tv.

I cannot fault anything on this experience.  It was top notch! The service was impeccable and the choice of food and beverage were outstanding.  Being a skincare enthusiast, I also appreciated that there were some small beauty skincare luxuries in the bathroom.

I didn’t favor the flatbed over reclining seats though, as I did not notice much difference.  Only the fact that if I were to pull my bed into flatbed position, I would probably plan on lying like that for a while.  Also, do note that you can eat your meals while in flatbed mode.  Winner!  Kind of like having a meal in bed.  But you will have to reposition yourself, if you choose to do this.

The three hour flight in Business was certainly a bit of a tease though and I was not able to try out the ‘Book the Cook’ service.  I am curious to know how a long flight in Business would compare.

Who has flown with Singapore Airlines?  What was your experience like?   I’m curious to know!