Flight Review: Hong Kong to Manila on Cathay Pacific

Hong Kong
December 20 - 2016

ROUTE:               HONG KONG – MANILA CX901
AIRCRAFT:          A350

I was super excited to be taking the A350.  I purposely booked this morning flight just for the herringbone configuration.

After spending a good couple of hours at the Cathay Pacific Wing lounge, I was ready to experience this short but sweet flight.  Thinking I only had to queue for a little bit, was totally out of the question after a passenger started arguing with a member of the ground staff over allowing his child on board.  Turned out that the child had cut himself quite badly and the staff instructed them to seek further medical assistance.  But the angry passenger just wasn’t having it. This situation turned into a full blown soap opera, hence delaying our boarding and take off.
Anyhows, another 30 minutes or so later, and many more disgruntled passengers, we were finally ready to board.  It was a full flight and despite the irritated passengers, the Cathay Pacific staff handled it all very well.  I was ushered to my seat in Business, which can I add has the best setup for such a short flight.  The only thing I wanted to change was to increase the time in the air!  For those not familiar with the herringbone seat configuration in Business Class, its 1 x 2 x 1. Seats are private, so you really didn’t need to look at anyone if you didn’t want to.  Perfect for early morning flights and those introverting.
Sitting in Business Class, entitled me to a large TV screen to enjoy the one movie.  I did not measure it so I have no idea what the dimensions were.  But no complaints!  Each seat were given head rests to keep your head from falling down.  I guess you never know when you could be THAT TIRED to be unable to hold your own head up. On the back of the seat on front of me was a hook for jackets and cardigans, which I thought was nice.  Saves them from asking everyone if they have a coat that needs hanging.  Also to my right, there was a cute little secret looking compartment which housed some big noise cancelling headphones, an international power outlet and a USB port.

The flight time was sadly (tear roll down cheek), only 2 hours.  I was given a hot towel shortly after take off, and also an alcoholic beverage of choice.  Because my friends, it was 5 o’ clock somewhere!

Complimentary inflight wifi was provided but was very weak so I didn’t bother and decided to enjoy my two hours by watching ‘The Secret Life of Pets,’ because I missed my French Bulldog, Big!

I suffer from major FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) when it comes to food.  This means that I must try everything that is given to me.  So even after my Western and Chinese breakfasts at the lounge, I STILL had to ‘sample and review’ the full breakfast on board.  For airplane food, it was actually quite delightful, although slightly on the heavy side.  I had a small fresh fruit salad, a croissant with jam and a side of butter, and a full English Breakfast – Cathay Pacific style.  All washed down with a glass of water.  I have stopped drinking coffee and tea on flights after all the horror stories I have read regarding the water.

No complaints on the service.  Despite the delayed departure, everyone seemed very happy on this flight and the attendants were all very polite and helpful in the two hours.

Flying this aircraft certainly made a difference from my previous experience flying to Hong Kong.  I loved the configuration, and the fact that it did not have that exhausted interior feel to it, like they should have retired it years ago.
Bravo Cathay Pacific!  Thumbs up for the A350.

What has been your favorite flight so far?  Comment Below!