Happy New Year!

NCR, Philippines
January 03 - 2018

Happy New Year Friends!

I’m back and wanted to share more of my shenanigans and general ‘life stuff’ with you.

Now, where was I?...
I have moved "cities." Yes, still in the Philippines and I will geographically say, still in “Manila.”  Or to be politically correct - "The NCR: National Capital Region."

I like this bubble of a neighbourhood of mine.  The one thing I don’t like?  Is that we are only allowed one pet in our unit (insert sad face).  But that’s ok for the meantime.  I still have my furbaby – Big with me.  Bonifacio Global City is like a small wanna – be Singapore.  But with more traffic.  I still like it.

Something else?
I am also a writer for When In Manila -  Check it out for all things Philippines, and well… everything really.  Don’t let the domain name fool you.

Another thing?
I’m working on building and developing a mobile app that will be available for download on iOS and Android systems this year.  I can’t say anything more than this, until closer to the launch.  But I’ll tell you this, it’s more work than I ever could have imagined! It has also taught me more than any other job I have had in the past.

Anything else?
I started painting again.  Baby steps.  But I’m determined to get back on track, with a little help from Big – who has agreed to be my Muse.  So, I bought myself a little easel, a canvas and assigned a little space in my room as my little atelier.

Last but not least
I have met some fantastic people and formed great friendships.  It goes to prove, it's not necessarily where you are, but you who are with.

It's a short and sweet one from me today.  But I wish you all a Happy New Year! Treat every day like it's New Years Day.