I am Mr Big

Makati City, Philippines
February 04 - 2017

Hello friends, I am MR. BIG.  Also known as BIGGIE SMALLS.  I’m a brindle French bulldog and I’m two years old, which makes me 14 if I were a human.  I was born in Texas, then moved to New York City.  Now I live in Makati City, Philippines.

Anyways, if you would like to know more about me, here are some random facts:

1-I was born in Texas and my first plane ride to New York City was when I was two months old.
2-I’m a true New Yorker.  I love pizza and a good steak.
3-I love my dad because he spoils me with fancy treats like jamon serrano, chorizo and natural rosemary potato chips.
4-I love my mom because she always wakes up at the crack of dawn to take me for walkies, and always makes sure I am comfortable.
5-I have met George Clooney and Jodie Foster.  They were filming Money Monster in my old neighbourhood.
6-I have seen the Pope.
7-My best human buddy is John in New York City.  We always hung out in the afternoons while mom was at work, and he would share his salads and yoghurt with me.  I also met lots of furiends through him.
8-Mom always cooks home made food for me to eat with my kibble.
9-I love coconut oil. OOoooohhhh!!!!!
10-I used to be black.  Now I’m brindle.
11-I’m growing a grey beard.  Dad is jealous of that.
12-My dad is my hero.  He is the Middle East and always makes sure I’m getting my fancy treats, even when he’s not here.
13-I pee like a girl.
14-I don’t bark at dogs, just at the home phone and the doorbell.
15-I hate getting my nails clipped, but I love baths.
16-I have been on two flights, one short haul and one long.
17-I was named after Mr. Big from Sex and the City.  The show is very significant for    my pawrents.
18-My hobbies are chasing flies and chewing the fly swatter.

Which of you my friends, are Frenchies?  Or are Frenchie pawrents?  I would love to hear from you!  xxx

All My Love,

  • Bigs xx