Lyla livin' the Shangri- La loca!

Makati Shangri- La, Makati City, Philippines
June 04 - 2017

Lyla Does Lunch at the Picnic Brunch at the Makati Shangri- La

Disclaimer: Please take a flick through my photos, as although it may not do 100% justice to the actual event. It certainly compliments this post.

Lyla has been livin’ the Shangri- La vida loca since we have been in the Philippines.  She celebrated her first birthday at Shang Palace in Makati.  Lunched at the High St Café in the Fort.  Then more recently, we attended a food event organized by the chefs at the three restaurants from the Makati Shangri La.  Sage –The Bespoke Grill, Inagiku, and The Shang Palace just to name them.

This one - off event had to be pre- booked in advance.  Hence, it was nice to know that we could show up at any time and still have our table reserved, and at the same time know it wouldn’t get too crowded.  Doors were open at 11am and close by 3pm.

Ok so back to the lunch.  If it wasn’t for our Uber driver who for some reason, had difficulty following the Waze, we would have arrived in true Rivera fashion at 10:45am (i.e, 15 minutes early).  But instead, we arrived short of 10.10am.  We were wrong in thinking we were going to be the first ones there, as there were easily a handful of people who had already arrived early which seemed foreign to us.

We were greeted in true Shangri- La fashion with a warm smile and welcome in the lobby. To catch on with the picnic lunch theme, there was a little yellow truck filled with fun picnic props in the center of the hotel lobby. It clearly was the first photo op stop for all, before proceeding to the food extravaganza upstairs.

The Picnic Brunch was held on the mezzanine level of the hotel, with the extravagant chandelier centering the event.  Interactive food stalls showing off each restaurants culinary creations.  We were seated in the Inagiku restaurant, and lucky for us it was the closest to the food.  Yeheyy!!

The mezzanine was lined up with tables from each restaurant all showing off their culinary delights.  You name it, they pretty much had it.  Not limited to Chinese, Japanese and Filipino.  There was also Mediterranean to include Italian, a Western style salad bar, a shawarma stand, fresh seafood, grill and barbecue, and Filipino, Chinese and Western desserts.  I could go on.  But you should really check out the photos above to get more of an idea!

We opted for the regular style brunch, which included unlimited food and a minty basil infused mocktail (which was very refreshing). But, if you wanted a bit of a boozy brunch, they also offered free flowing Moet et Chandon.  Or if you wanted to take that up a notch, the other option was for free flowing Dom Perignon.  Personally, all that alcohol just gets me full and I didn’t want to miss out on the delicious dishes.  Plus it wasn’t about me.  It was Lyla’s brunch.  Lola and I were just along for the ride (and the food).

Just to add, that I was happy when I saw they had the high chair already in place at our table, like I had requested.  This doesn’t always happen, so kudos to Shangri- La!

Lyla kicked off her brunch with the sukiyaki and pandan rice. Followed by some cut up pieces of hakaw and sio mai from The Shang Palace.  After a little play, and socializing with the next table, she sampled some of the baked potato with sour cream and chives, together with the grilled vegetables and roast beef from Sage.  As much as she wanted to try out the sashimi and sushi rolls, she wasn’t allowed to much to her crying and sulking. So, I took the sashimi duty on myself, and also tried the fresh salmon with gravlax too while I was at it.  Oh my.  How delicious and refreshing was that?!!

There were so many sweets to choose from. Again, I will not start listing as you can see from my photos that Shangri- La did not take the shortcut on that!  I didn’t want to feed Lyla too much of that, so she tackled the cold mango sago. Cool and tasty. Lola also went in on that too!  So we had to get another bowl.  You know how it is, when they say they only want to ‘try’ a bit.  But then end up eating most of it.

After 3 hours of eating, and crawling, and making new friends with the next table, it was about time that we went home.  It was starting to get busy and getting a little harder to find wait staff that wasn’t busy rushing around with champagne and cutlery.

I really hope they hold this event again soon, as the quality and variety of the food was phenomenal.  The Picnic Brunch is definitely worth the money (unless you just don’t enjoy eating good food), and the wait (we waited about three weeks).  There is also something for everyone, I’ll guarantee you that.  Plus it’s great for all to enjoy, including children.  I forgot to mention earlier that they had a candy floss machine for the kiddies, and big adult kiddies.

If you live in Makati or will be nearby, keep your eyes and ears open for the next Picnic Lunch.  Follow the Makati Shangri- La on social media for upcoming dining events.  Also, if you are a Golden Circle member, you are entitled to a 20% discount which is even better!

Thanks Makati Shangri La!  Another great time was had by us all.  We can't wait for the next one!

Have you guys experienced the picnic?  How did you like it?

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