The First La Mer Spa in Asia!

The La Mer Spa, The Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore
April 16 - 2017

There’s no better way to end my Singapore trip than an afternoon at the La Mer Spa at the Ritz Carlton, Millenia.  This is the first La Mer Spa to open in Asia, and as a skincare enthusiast I could barely control my excitement.

It all worked out quite conveniently as I was staying at the Ritz Carlton for my final two nights.  So no questions asked that I would be visiting the spa.  Hello?!
Deciding what treatment to book was a nightmare. It was a painful process of elimination.  They all just sounded too good. The icing on the cake was the thought of being pampered to death in La Mer products.  After several hours later, I ended up going with the custom facial.  I thought, start off small and eventually build my way up the treatments someday.  Without hesitation, I emailed their front desk and scheduled my appointment with Angel.

What is in a custom facial?
The La Mer Custom Facial is basically a treatment tailored to your skin type.  It involves custom massage and hand chosen treatment sequences, and not to forget a “pure infusion of La Mer’s coveted Miracle broth” to give your skin an extra boost of energy so it can continue to work on the rejuvenation and renewal process.
The order in which it goes
- Moisture – hydrates, plumps and smoothens.
- Sculpting – visibly heightens facial contours.
- Renewal – minimizes lines and wrinkles.
- Soothing – enhances skin’s natural healing process.
- Whitening – targets discoloration and unevenness.
- Revitalizing Hydrating – plumps skin from within.

Which all includes…
Opening sequence mist, deep cleansing, skin preparation, serum application with massage tool, customized massage, eye serum application, eye treatment, mask.

It appears to be very fancy schmantzy, but I tell ya, I would easily trade ten decent facials at my favorite local, for ONE custom La Mer facial.

The Spa’s reception area is dimly lit and fairly wide, with displays of La Mer products, that mere mortals like md wish would appear in a goodie bag on the way out.  I signed in with the same lovely lady who booked my appointment, and she gave me a little tour of the Spa (which you can click on and view) as well as a little background on the establishment which was nice.  I recall there being ten treatment rooms, and each of them names after a seaweed that offers massive benefits to the skin.  One room they had was oddly high tech which isn’t a bad thing.  I’m just not used to seeing an ipad that you could use while getting a massage.  I’m told that some people like to watch youtube?!

I was ushered over to the changing rooms to get ready for my facial of the century, and shortly after, my aesthetician - Nita (*sp), took me over to the treatment room to get my facial started. I was a little apprehensive as to how she was going to be.  Some can be very chatty, and others just plain awkward which can leave you feeling more awkward than relaxed.

I’m the girl who likes a bit of balance.  By all means I don’t mind a bit of a chat in the beginning while I get asked the whole ‘When was the last time you got a facial.’  But as soon as the deep cleansing begins, it has to stop so I can zen out.  Lucky for me, my aesthetician was perfect, so I didn’t have to worry about that.  Her voice was very soft and calm which had me in a trance like state.  As each sequence was performed I dozed off a little more each time, except for the extraction part which woke me right up!  But it was also very satisfying!  There were several different beauty tools involved, which I did not keep my eyes wide open for as I was enjoying the facial massage too much.  As more products were being layered onto my skin, the better looking I felt.

The custom facial lasted 60 minutes for me and I must have snoozed for about ten minutes after (surprise surprise).   I was just too damn relaxed and I could feel the smoothness of my skin.  Have you ever felt that before?

Trying to force myself out of the treatment room felt like getting out of bed on a Monday morning.  Then just like that, I was back in the reception.  Now don’t get me wrong, I could have stayed a little longer to take advantage of the rest of the facilities.  But I saved that for the following morning.  Guests of the Ritz can also utilize the steam rooms, jaccuzzi and saunas.  I must also add that the showers are also quite impressive, and I could have stayed there a lot longer too.  Surprise surprise.

My La Mer Spa experience did have a happy ending.  This happy ending was a sample sized complimentary jar of the La Mer cream.  Small but mighty. A little goes a long way here.  I was not expecting this, so was extremely grateful!
Now, as the old saying goes…  ‘You get what you pay for.’  The treatments at the La Mer Spa do cost a pretty penny.  But being fair, they are absolutely worth it.  On the down side, they will set the bar pretty high for all your future spa treatments.  GULP.

Also, there’s no discrimination here.  Treatments are custom and available for men and women.  
Check some selected ones here:
And without a doubt, BEST FACIAL EVER!  I hope I will be lucky enough to return for another treatment next time.  Have you been to the La Mer Spa in Singapore?  Or at any other locations?  What was your experience like?