Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
December 16 - 2016

If you know me well enough, you can attest to my love and appreciation for a good steak.  Having lived in New York City for a few years, has moulded me into the steak snob that I am today.  Having lived in Manila for a little over a year, has had me on the search for a near – perfect steak in Asia.
So I made a promise to myself, that I would go on the hunt to experience the “near – perfect steak” in each country that I travel to.
My journey started in Manila, where I tried out “Smith Butcher and Grill” in Makati City, followed by “Wolfgang Puck” in Resorts World, Pasay.  More reviews on those two later, and then came, “Blue” in Hong Kong.
Now, I had the choice to play it safe and just eat at the well known steak houses, where I was somewhat “guaranteed” a good experience.  But what’s the point in that?  So I went for the independent.

Blue (previously called Blue Butcher) is located in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.  I decided to try them out because they had a lot of mixed reviews, and I wanted to be the judge for myself.  I’m also a little bias, because I love the fact that they offered a “bespoke butchery service.” There’s not many of those around these days.  If something that is tailor made, doesn’t make you feel special, then I don’t know what can.
Housed in a trendy neighbourhood of cool cafés and restaurants, Blue isn’t short to attract the right crowd.  It took me about 10 minutes to walk from the Sheung Wan MTR, with the help of Google Maps.  Upon arrival I was pleasantly greeted by the host, who showed me the ageing room on the way upstairs to my table.  I was told that the room was lined with Himalayan salts, which adds a slightly sweet smack and richness to the meat.
It was around 7pm, and was still pretty quiet upstairs.  Lights were dim, kitchen was open (which was a plus for me, as I like to know what goes on behind the scenes), and music was pumping.  Blue’s vibe blazes stylish, yet casual.  A spot where you want to crash after work with your coworkers, or even bring your special someone to a little later in the night.
The menu was nothing to be studied. Very simple and to the point.  But it will get you oohing and aahing. Although, it could be a little challenging if you are a vegetarian, as the majority of the menu is based around meat and fish.
I usually go for a 22oz prime rib (yes, I know) but this time around, I opted for a smaller cut so I could enjoy more appetizers and sides.  Their Signature steak is the 45 day, dry aged Rubia Gallega, with the choice of a Bone In Rib Eye, Boneless Rib Eye, or a Boneless Sirloin.   These cows I’m happy to say, have been able to roam the hills of Spain freely and not trapped in some farm ready for our consumption.  Plus, these cows have lived a good 12 to 18 years.
I decided to go with the Sirloin – it was the most modest cut, and I was promised not to be disappointed.
To begin my Blue journey, I began with some Prosecco, while I decided to go with something fresh to get my palette ready for my main course.  What was fresher than Scallop Ceviche?!  Sometimes, I don’t like these little teasers because, although they may “freshen the palette,” they also leave you wanting more.  Nevertheless, the Scallop Ceviche was light, I tasted the scallop but the green apple gave it that wow factor.   I also went with the Hokkaido Uni.  Oh My.  It was a Japanese and Italian party in my mouth – on a bruschetta.  Take a look at the photo and I bet you can taste it by looking at the detail.  This was a little filling, but I just couldn’t let it go.
While I waited for my Signature Sirloin, their celeb Butcher Jonny came over and told me a little about my steak.  I have to say, this was the first time out of all my years of steak dining, that I’ve experienced this.  Thumbs up for that.  Blue was without a doubt, proud of what they were bringing to the table and so they should.
I opted for the starch of the day, which were the roast potatoes with an aioli sauce and roasted vegetables.  They were reasonable sized portions, and went well with my steak.  I like my steak medium rare, and I paired it with a nice Shiraz.
I’m not going to lie, the appetizers and sides did fill me up more than I had intended.  But I still did well with my steak.  It was buttery and rich in flavor, and unlike any other steak I had tried.  It did take me a few bites to grow accustomed to the taste.  The first bite confused me a little as I had a different expectation.  But after the third bite, I was sold.  Because of the richness, I found that I couldn’t eat as much as I usually do.  I really wanted to go for the Bone In Rib eye, because I just love that extra bit of fat.  But glad I didn’t, because that buttery flavor sure does make up for it.  If you love rich flavors and textures, you would love this!
Aside from Blue’s Signature Steaks, another thing they are known for are their Rubia Gallega Beef Fat Candles.  They appear like ordinary table candles but are made from the fat from the Rubia Gallega cows.  This is served with ciabatta and some sea salt on the side.  The candle is lit and the fat melts into the holder, then you dip.  How smart is that?!

I was stuffed after my steak and was a little disappointed that I couldn’t make it to dessert, so I opted for a nice glass of Port.  By this time, I was doing “the lean” and was ready for bed.
All in all, I had a fantastic experience with Blue.  My advice is to most certainly come hungry and carnivorous.  Whether you’re in for a few drinks and some appetizers with some friends or taking your special someone out for a romantic meal, you are guaranteed a fantastic time.  Great people and great food = Best times.  Thank you Blue, for showing me how Hong Kong does steak!

What are your recommendations for a good steak in ASIA?!